Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a day.  This morning we went downtown for the Pigskin Classic at Blind Pig for the Ohio State Michigan game.  Chris ran a 5k while Jen, Brooke, Kelly and I attended the Snuggiefest Tailgate.  So cozy!!  The collegiate snuggies are even softer than the originals.  And you know I love drinking in a snuggie.  The Buckeyes of course won and we had a great afternoon!

After a good two hour nap, Chris and I cleaned up and met Sarah (Ruby) and Nick at L'Albatros for dinner.  It. was. so. good.  Sarah I started with three cheeses.  The waiter talked us through the whole cheese plate, probably 15 different cheeses, and I don't know how he remembered all the cheese info.  We went with a goat cheese, a semi-hard manchego, and a truffle cheese.  Mmmm, I love cheese...  For dinner, I tried their vegetarian root vegetable cassoulet with goat cheese, Chris had the beef bourguignon, Sarah had the mussels, and Nick had the croque monsieur.  The food was awesome, the wait staff very attentive with the water (we really needed it, see above), and nice overall atmosphere.  And here is the best part - its really well priced.   I would say this food is some of the best value in the area.    So cross #2 off the list.  Oh and this cassoulet blew Lure's out of the water and it didn't even have any meat in it.  So if you are as curious about cassoulet as I am, I suggest you head to L'Albatros very soon to try it!

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alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

no you did not wear the snuggie. haha.

i love and hate you at the same time