Monday, November 30, 2009

I Did It! The Conclusion of NaBloPoMo

I completed NaBloPoMo!!  30 posts in 30 days, can you believe it?  And this what I earned:

Notice it has taken its place in the right sidebar.  I picked this badge mostly cuz she is in a kitchen, but it also pretty accurately reflects how I feel about the month.  I am really good at getting excited and into something for like a week, but not so good with the follow through.  So I am honestly proud that I was able to finish something I committed to.  And I know it was just blog posting, but it felt like homework a lot of the time.  There were many nights I really just wanted to go to bed, but I managed to get at least a few sentences up.  So that taught me that blogging doesn't always have to be a huge time commitment.  There is really no reason to have such long periods of time between posts.  But admittedly every post this month was not up to what I consider my usual standards.

So I completed it and I'm glad to be going back to my usual blogging when I feel like it ways. And you know what, I already know what I am going to post about tomorrow!

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Mel said...

Congrats! I made it too!