Sunday, November 1, 2009


Good morning and Happy Halloween!  Today is the first day of November which also means the first day of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and my attempt at writing a post a day in November.  I can't promise it will keep interesting, but I can promise there will be at least a post a day.  At the very least, an updated picture of Olive or a funny YouTube video - so much to look forward to!  So check back each day for something.

CC and I were in full Halloween mode last weekend with costume parties on both Friday and Saturday night.  Monday I started my new job and about two hours into the day I felt a sickness setting in.  It felt like a bad chest cold with an achy fever that broke on Wednesday night.  I felt better Thursday and Friday, but sounded worse, with lots of sneezing, hacking, and nose blowing.  It has since subsided leaving only a very annoying cough and me wondering if I have survived Swine-flu or just a bad cold.  

Yesterday (actual Halloween) was our first Trick-or-Treat at Wildwood.  In an hour and a half we went through a whole cauldron of candy for the kids and a whole pot of cider for CC, Ruby, Red and I.  Afterwards, CC and I headed to Gene-O and MarBear's for their annual costume party.  CC gussied up in his Edward Scissorhands get-up for the third time, but I just wasn't in the Gilly mood this weekend.
Edward and Lady Gaga (not me)

I have to give CC props for his costume making abilities.  He always comes up with a creative idea and makes the whole costume himself.  The scissorhands are made from foam-core scissors glued to gloves so that he can still function.  I did his make-up.  He scared a few children with this one.

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