Friday, November 20, 2009

I love Eugene

I made the mistake of sitting down at Harry Buffalo tonight and proclaiming that "I love Eugene".  Which got me some funny looks cuz my friend Gene was sitting across from me (next to his lovely wife Mary).  But while I am very fond of Gene, I was actually referring to my new Home Depot kitchen designer.  Most of our kitchen cabinets were purchased from the Kraftmaid outlet, the pantry piece came from Craig's List, and the base mixer stand (that I am really pumped for) was ordered from Home Depot.  And after getting some quotes, I was surprised to find that Home Depot was our cheapest option for cabinet installation.  

So Eugene has been helping us schedule the official kitchen measurement and has also assisted with some tweaking of the floor plan and design.  I get so inspired and excited every time I go to the HD to talk to him.  Eugene is not only a very helpful designer, but he is also super friendly.  Every time I talk to him he says, "say hello to Chris for me".  Which is extra cute cuz he has a bushy mustache and an accent.  He's the best.  So now you know while I am going around proclaiming my love for Eugene.

I am also in the market for countertops and a new range.  I'm saying prayers for a Black Friday miracle on the LG range I want:

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