Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 4 and I am already scraping the bottom of the barrel

I am currently watching Modern Family.  It is fantastic.  You need to be watching this show.  If you haven't been, don't worry, you can catch up on Hulu, and trust me it will be worth it. You also need to be watching Glee, but the stupid world series is interrupting my tv schedule.  Yeah I said it, I don't give two junks about baseball.  Or any sports for that matter.  So that's my Wednesday tv schedule.  On Thursdays there are also two fantastic new shows - Community and Flashforward.  And I missed V last night, but I might start watching that too.  Thank you tv people for such good new shows this year.

Here is an Olive update.  She is the most adorable tiny kitty in the world.  She went to the vet on Monday and she is all healthy!  And she has started sleeping on my pillow above my head which I love.  She is also getting really playful and crazy.  This morning when I was brushing my teeth in my bath robe she snuck up behind me and jumped and hung from the back of my robe.  Katie doesn't even like animals and she LOVES Olive.

Oh yeah, my sister's name is Katie.  I had previously referred to her as Little Potato but I am tired of using aliases and I can't remember them all and I don't want to come up with news ones. So from here on out I will be revealing the actual names of anyone I mention.  I don't think this will compromise anyone's privacy, but if you prefer a fake name let me know.

I bought some organic wine today.  Is it true that if you drink organic wine that you don't get a hangover because it doesn't have the sulfites that are in regular wine?  I considered drinking the whole bottle in the name of blog research, but I decided potentially showing up to work with a raging hangover was not a great impression for my second week at the new job.  Especially considering during my first week I may have had swine flu and adopted a cat.   I really know how to make a first impression. 

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mcm.hannah said...

You may have had swine flu? Do you watch Brothers and Sisters? my favorite when Lost is not on. Did you see our blog yet?