Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Little Potato

How cute was yesterday's post?  Katie is a natural blogger.  She's my little sister so obviously we lived together for the first 20 or so years of life, but living together now is a little different - post-college "adults" and minus the rest of the family.  I really like it and not just cuz she will blog and make popcorn for me.  So because I love lists, here is my top 5 reasons I'm glad to be living with Katie again.

5. Espresso.  She has an espresso maker and she taught me to use it.  And on the weekends she makes me lattes.

4.  Cleaning.  She cleans the house on the weekends and says it is "satisfying".  amen.

3.  Entertainment Weekly.  She has a subscription and she is ON TOP of pop culture.  She makes sure I don't miss anything.

2.  Needle Point.  She makes funny needle point sayings:

nice housewarming gift

1.  TV Club.  She has the same taste in tv and we have a serious tv schedule that we stick to.  Hours of DVR time, couch lounging, Olive cuddling and popcorn eating going on over here.  And I love it.  


Kate said...

awww...TV Club! I'm so glad we have a term for it. Are you sure you don't want to change my code name to The Little Couch Potato?!

This was so sweet! I think you're trying to sucker me into writing more blog posts for you... Making 5 reasons why I'm awesome permanently part of the World Wide Web might just buy you another. Only time will tell.

Anne said...

I would really think Katie rules if she mailed me some of the popcorn. Maybe I could have a TV Club down south and Skype in with you guys.