Sunday, June 13, 2010


My friend Becca works at Reddstone and invited myself and some fellow Cleveland bloggers out to taste their new menu this past week. The rain cleared up just in time for us to enjoy it on their very awesome patio in the Battery Park neighborhood. It was my first time to the restaurant and I will definitely be back to spend the evening there. Executive Chef Josh Kabat prepared us five courses of summer fare:

First course - Rare Salmon Lettuce Rolls

Salmon carpaccio, radish sprout, sweet soy, with a side of chili-miso dipping sauce. This was definitely a favorite. The plating doesn't do the flavor justice. The wrap itself was dressed with a very tasty vinaigrette and the dipping sauce was a bonus. A light and lovely way to start a meal.

Second Course - BBQ'd Duck Confit Sliders

BBQ'd duck confit sliders with daikon slaw, and poblano creme fraiche. If these sliders didn't have duck confit in the name I would have assumed I was eating pulled pork. Which is delicous, but not it you are looking for duck confit . I love slaw with BBQ and the creme fraiche was a nice touch. A very delicious slider and something I would gladly eat again.

Third Course - "Slice of America" All American Burger

I was very surprised that this was my favorite taste of the evening. I mean its a burger, nothing new, but this was just so good. Becca said that Josh's inspiration for this burger was a Big Mac, but the secret sauce was the only thing slightly resembling the flat paper-wrapped fast food staple. This was a juicy patty of grilled sirloin, American cheese melted over top, crunchy pickle slices, and Josh's own special sauce. It was the perfect burger, and there is nothing better to eat on a patio in the summer.

Fourth Course - Shrimp & Soba Noodles

Shrimp and soba noodles with mixed veggies, creamy peanut sauce, and pickled napa cabbage. To be fair, this isn't a new dish; it is actually one of their most popular dishes. But I understand why and don't blame Josh for wanting to showcase it. It is really really satisfying. I could have eaten a huge bowl of this.

Fifth Course - Braised 5 Spiced Short Ribs

Braised 5 Spiced Short Ribs on a kim chee potato latke, topped with crispy leeks and a side of plum sauce. This is the dish I would be most likely to order from the menu based on the description, but I would have been disappointed. This is a new dish for Josh and it isn't quite right yet. The kim chee was too subtle and the dish was on the salty side. We gave Josh our feedback on the dish and he said he still playing around with it. It will be really good once he balances the flavors.

Overall I was very impressed with Reddstone. It is priced as upscale bar food but is much better than most. The patio is worth the trip alone. It was a wonderful and delicious evening spent with new friends!