Sunday, November 8, 2009

Whole Foods Finds

I picked up two interesting things at Whole Foods this afternoon, one good, one bad.  First, the good is that cute little rosemary tree which smells absolutely amazing.  The second, sucks.  I got really thirsty while we were shopping so I headed to the water aisle.  They are all crazy expensive, but I was really thirsty.  This one sounded interesting - Maple Tree Water. It comes from snow and rain water that is filtered through a maple tree right here in Northeast Ohio.  Growing up in Chardon, I know exactly what sap right out of a sugar maple tree tastes like.  I used to stick my whole glove in the buckets that were attached to the trees in our yard and then suck the sweet sap out of my glove.  I was expecting this water to taste something like that.  It did taste familiar, but it was dirty rain water.  So if you ever thirsty and looking for water at Whole Foods DO NOT spend $3 on this dirt water.

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