Thursday, November 5, 2009

master your metabolism

The other day I flipped through a copy of Jillian Michael’s new book, Master Your Metabolism.  I didn’t buy it, which is good considering 1. I’m a sucker, 2. I’m a HUGE sucker for diet/workout crap, 3. I love the Biggest Loser.  But I continued to be intrigued by it.  Since that day, I have read the introductory chapter on Amazon along with all the reviews and gone back to the book store to flip through it again.  I still managed not to buy it (hooray for willpower! it was $26, what a rip) and I am determined to get it from the library as soon as I return the home magazines that are $12 overdue causing a hold on my account.  

Through my “research”, I have picked up on the overall gist of this book, which is basically that metabolism is governed by hormones and with all the crazy processed crap Americans eat, most of our hormones/metabolisms have been completely thrown out of whack.  On top of this, Jillian (and Oprah) has a thyroid problem and she discusses what foods can help/hurt different thyroid conditions and signs and symptoms to determine if you may have a thyroid condition (I don’t think I do).

Ok, so Jill’s solution to this problem is essentially to rid your body of all these additives and toxins, begin to eat as organically as possible and follow a “diet” that is similar to South Beach or Weight Watcher’s old Core Plan, i.e. 3 meals and one snack a day consisting of lean proteins, lots of veggies, fruits, small portion of whole grains, and non-fat dairy.  And staying away from artificial sweeteners and processed foods as much as possible cuz they will cause your metabolism to work against you.  These changes will balance your hormones and get your metabolism working the way it is supposed to work.  

I can totally get behind this because, really, it’s just common sense.  I mean, I would much rather eat a small amount of real butter than whatever chemicals are in spray butter.  Jill claims that by following this lifestyle she is able to eat about 2,000 calories a day, exercise about 5 hours a week, and maintain her amazing physique without much thought. Who wouldn’t want that??  It really isn’t too different from Guiliana Rancic’s meal plan on her blog that I wrote about awhile back.  You may notice I get on these diet kicks about every 6 months, but I’m over it.  I want to get into a routine that sticks.

Changes I am ready to implement: drinking only organic coffee and wine; taking a daily multi-vitamin; avoiding diet pop and sweeteners, eating a big breakfast, working out several times a week.

I will let you know more once I actually read the book and start following its guidelines more carefully.  If anyone out there has read it, please share your thoughts!!

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