Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's a blanket - with arms!

At the request of Miss Ally, here are some pictures from the Snuggie Birthday Bar Crawl. We started the crawl at Flannery's on E. 4th and crawled our way down E 4th and then over to W. 6th. We had a group of about 20, half in snuggies, half in street clothes (lame). We learned there are some high points and low points of snuggie bar crawls:

High point: The crowd at Hairy Buffalo was awesome and loved to dance with the snuggie folk
Low point: I was told I look like Jesus and/or Mary Magdalen
High point: Easy to find others in your group. If you get seperated from the crawl, just ask someone to point you in the direction of the blue cult
Low point: A little tricky to go to the bathroom
High point: No need to wear a coat and lots of room to hide jello shots in them
Low point: Corner Alley and Cadillac Ranch are not snuggie friendly
High point: People love snuggies! And they are so vibrant in pictures
Low point: You can only get blue at Bed Bath and Beyond and the shipping to order on-line is steep
High point: Soooo cozy! You can take a little nap anywhere you go.
Low point: They can drag or get caught on a fence if you're not careful. One size fits all...
High point: They come with this free reading light, as demonstrated by Mitro below, that make it easy to read a menu in a dark bar

Overall, I highly recommend the snuggie pub crawl! It was a great way to celebrate 26 years on earth!

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Ally said...

Haha - so awesome!