Monday, May 11, 2009

Steeplechase Weekend

I was so tired after such an amazing weekend in Nashville, that I am just starting to feel back to normal today - on Wednesday! And I had to drink my first latte in a few weeks to get there. Then I looked up the nutritional information for Starbucks, and let me tell you I am NOT happy. A tall (that means the smallest one for any non-Starbucks'ers) non-fat latte, totally plain latte with skim milk is 100 calories! And a grande - what I used to be drinking on a regular basis is 160 calories!! Maybe everyone knows this, but I am just shocked. I am gonna stick with the tea - I never should have doubted the tea.

So speaking of calories, did everyone watch the finale of Biggest Loser?? I have a love hate relationship with this show because every season I watch the contestants start out so big and by the finale, most are in way better shape than me and look so amazing. And then I get a lot jealous and feel ashamed that I cannot lose 15 pounds. But who has 8 hours a day to work out? I can barely manage 2 hours a week (due to laziness, not busy-ness). But congrats to Helen and Jerry - you are both old and now look like you have an eating disorder. But Tara looked damn good. And last season Heba looked damn good. I just hope they can all maintain it. I saw that one former-winner guy on Oprah and he fell off the wagon BIG time.

The weekend in Nashville went by way too fast, but it was so fun to see some of my roommies! Blaze and her family hosted myself, Snickerdoodle, and Monk and they really know how to show us a good time. Saturday we went to the Steeplechase horse race. It had rained for like 10 straight days in the Nash and was storming on Saturday morning, so you can just imagine the mud. All the stores in town were sold out of wellies, so we opted to go au naturale. It was like a Southern, preppy Woodstock - the Nash paper called it Bonnaroo with seersucker. Here is us gals having a tent party!!

Our day was spent drinking, dancing to poker face, playing in the mud, and watching the occasional horse run by. I think this video sums it up pretty well (sorry for my singing):

Our cocktail for the day was an Arnold Palmer. The South rules and they have Sweet Tea flavored vodka. Mixing this with some lemonade is heavenly and dangerous, cuz it don't taste nothin' like alcohol, y'all. If you are flying south this summer, I highly recommend you pick up a bottle of the Firefly Sweet Tea vodka seen below (and be cautious crossing state lines).

Thank you Rochford Family and my favorite dog Happy! You showed us some true Southern Hospitality!

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