Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Something about spring just makes me want to improve everything in my life. This is turning out to be a pretty expensive season for me between dieting (kombucha is pricey), teeth whitening, and new computer purchase, but it just feels right. On Sunday I bought my first computer since the enormous desktop I got my freshman year of college and I am now a Mac! (suck it PC) It is so cute, I feel so Carrie Bradshaw. Unfortunately, this post does not come from the new Mac since I am chained to my work computer about 80% of my life (damn still on PC).

CC has been house hunting and I think I caught the bug cuz last night I decided to go car shopping. I love my mustang, but it is two doors and not practical in the winter, so I convinced myself I was ready to make the hybrid switch. I test drove the new Honda Insight and then drove the Prius to compare. Both are adorable and wonderful for the earth! But then I talked to my dad who said it is probably better for the earth to keep driving the car I have that has already been manufactured and since I hardly drive (I fill up about once a month) it doesn't make much sense for me to buy now. He said he hated to be a "Debby Downer", haha, but he was right.

Maybe its the diet and maybe its the weather, but I have just been in a great mood! I'm really loving spring.

On Saturday, I headed to my hometown for the Maple Festival with CC and Rae Rae. There are a few things I have to do every year at the festival: 1. Get a maple stir (I wish I had made mine a double) 2. Drink some maple cocktails 3. Eat carnie food (I made turkey burgers beforehand to resist the temptation of steak on a stick and elephant ears) 4. Eat maple cotton candy 5. Do some serious people watching - crazy characters come out for this thing.

Rae Rae has the in's at the festival, so we were handed maple cocktails at every stop - they are divine! Here is the recipe, I highly recommend you buy some REAL maple syrup (preferably from Geauga County) and mix yourself up 1 or 10:

Maple Cocktail

Recipe for individual servings
3/4 oz. pure maple syrup
3/4 oz. dry gin
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. bourbon
Shake over ice and splash with 50/50, sprite or lemonade.

Sunday night CC and I went to the House of Blues to see James Morrison perform. He is amazing live! His opening act, Diane Birch, was also amazing. House of Blues was the perfect venue for their show because their music and band styles have so much southern, blues, gospel influence. Oooh, I just love it! I took some videos to share, but the sound didn't come out well, sorry.

Friday night I had another musical encounter. I was at Corner Alley for a Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon with work. We got there around 4:30 and the only people bowling were four guys who were clearly not from Cleveland. It turns out it was Ryan Cabrera and Josh Kelley! They were in town to also play at House of Blues that night, but wanted to do some bowling beforehand. Josh (aka Mr. Katherine Heigel) was so friendly and kept inviting us to the show. Ryan didn't say much - maybe his purple skinny jeans were too constricting.

I was lovin the Cleve after such a great weekend with celebrity sightings and all until I got a warning on Monday morning about jay walking in front of my building. I think the cop was actually having a hard time keeping a straight face when telling me to go up a block to use the crosswalk. Which I guess is good, but maybe they should be a little more concerned with the crime wave of car break-ins we have had in our parking lot, you think???

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Hannah Harbert said...

Congrats on the Mac! Welcome to the club. I agree that the cops should be watching your parking lot (from personal experience). Looking forward to seeing you Monday night!