Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Team Coleen

Our local Cleveland gal just got voted off the Biggest Loser. Tears... I still like Amy though, I hope she wins. Speaking of Biggest Loser, I took their recommendation and bought the Banana Sundae Sugar Free Pudding and it is da-bomb.

Tonight will go down in history as the night I roasted beets. Actually it was really easy and not scary like I thought it would be. I used the epicurious recipe for Roasted Beet Salad with Oranges and Beet Greens. Except I substituted, you guessed it: Spinach! for the beet greens. Also I used apple cider vinegar and halved the recipe. Beets are beautiful! And yummy

As I reflect on my blog I realize that all I talk about is cooking, eating, and watching tv. Here are some interesting (err.. other) things about me non-food or tv related: I am really good at the Jumble, I drive a stick shift, and I love maps.


Anne said...

You are also *very* good at Rack-o, dance parties and weird jokes.

Molls said...

I'm actually not so good at Rack-o - you are. But I am good at jigsaw puzzles and wearing my blankie as a scarf.

martha said...

GF, you need to think of some more interesting info about yourself. That said, I also love the Jumble.