Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Suri, Biscotti, Lederhosen and Paint

I am on the road for work this week in Atlanta and Florida, so unfortunately this means no cooking or recipe blogging. Which throws the "Food" portion of this blog out the window because I’m sure no one wants to read about lunch at Chipotle or dinner at Maggiano’s - although I could write about my love love love for Sonic and about how if anyone out there has $1 million net worth they would like to let me borrow I can open my own franchise in Cleveland and we can all enjoy the Cherry Limeade and slushes we are teased by on their hilarious commercials… But I digress. Instead the topic of today’s post will be the "‘n’such" portion of my past weekend. And no worries, of course it involves some food.

Friday night I headed down to Akron for H&M’s Hallo-wine soiree (see above). By late Friday afternoon I still hadn’t come up with a costume and I had a pie to bake before leaving which meant I had to scrounge the apartment for something to wear. I decided my wig from last year’s costume (Ugly Betty) was very similar to Suri Cruise’s cute little hair cut and the decision was made. Suri Cruise wig + Jumper, Tights, & Flats + “ABC’s of Scientology” book = a pretty decent costume even if everyone still has to ask exactly what you are. Next time + Baby Bottle and I think the outfit will be perfect. Pic above: Belly Dancer, Harry Potter, Sophisticated Cat, Amish, Suri, P, Ugly Betty and a dinosaur peeking over.

Highlight of the evening was definitely the Sarah Palin costumes at the party. Thanks to Rae Rae (previously referred to as Ray Ray, but has since informed me of the correct spelling – check her out) and someecards (“when you care enough to hit send” – hilarious) for the following:

Saturday I headed to my new blog headquarters – The Phoenix Coffee on W. 9th. If you live in the area and haven’t had their orange walnut biscotti you haven’t lived! CC was particularly bored with me as I spent three hours glued to the computer trying to get hip with the blog scene (thanks TKTC for the super fab tips!). We also put together the evite for the upcoming Harvest Party we are throwing at SPACES Art Gallery. Look for upcoming posts on party planning – love!

For lunch we decided to explore and went to the Tremont Tap House. Little did we know we were stumbling into an Octoberfest celebration complete with 15 piece lederhosen-clad band! Giant pretzel the size of a football? Yes please! Even our new German and Austrian pals said the pretzel and coarse grain mustard were divine! And they would know! We also tried the Short Rib Sliders and Portobello Pizza. Tremont Taphouse we will be back soon (I think this Friday actually)! I will not go into detail about watching the Buckeyes’ game :(, however there was a very nice crowd at Dive Bar and with Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and Magic Hat #9 on tap I’m a happy camper. How Cherry Wheat was discovered by Blaze, Ruby, CC, and I is an entirely different story (stay tuned).

Sunday morning, CC and I played paintball with some work friends. Unfortunately I cannot post a pic of my right butt cheek, but trust me, I have proof that I played paintball thanks to the crazy Micheal Myers looking guy on the other team that snuck up on me (that is Michael Myers as in Halloween, not Austin Powers or Linda “I’ll Give you a topic” Richman from SNL). Luckily the weather held out and it was a great time.

A fabulous weekend was topped off by a Brown’s victory, life is good!

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TREE said...

Sonic just opened in the Cuyahoga Falls area. Yes, It's a hike from Cleveland but you can visit your favorite people along the way.