Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Message from Bill Cosby

Although I am not convinced anyone is reading this blog, I have to say that after one week I am Beyonce and Jay-Z crazy in love with writing it! No one else may read it, but I already love to go back and read posts – and it has only been a week!

I inherited a number of traits from my mother, the most prominent being the complete and utter lack of memory. I mean seriously, if you are dying to tell someone a secret, head my way cuz in a few days my brain gets wiped clean and you’re safe. I love hearing stories about high school and college, cuz I never know how they end even if they are about me (there was also a substantial amount of "good times" in college which this may be attributable to, but that is neither here nor there). My point being that while I have never been able to sustain journal writing (minus the four months I was in Europe when I MADE myself write knowing that otherwise I would remember nothing), I love blog writing and will now be able to go back and remind myself with pictures and stories and recipes and jokes, what my life was like right now and hence forward. Technology is awesome! To quote a wiser man:

So, I feel kind of bad about not writing much about food so far, especially because there are few things I like to talk about more. So here is some food I love: Dark Chocolate Jello Pudding. And here is my recipe for dark chocolate pudding: Buy it in snack pack form and place in fridge. When hungry for something sweet (usually while you are watching your tv shows – HIMYM, GG, TO, 30R, ASIP – this is like that acronym game, 1000 points to the first person to figure all those out, oh wait, no one reads this…) remove pud from snack pack and put in a bowl. Microwave for 11-22 sec. (momma taught me that trick, way faster to microwave with double digit secs, you’re welcome!). Top pud with generous portion of Reddi-Whip and a cherry if you got it. MMMMMMM, enjoy! That is 75 calories of awesome right there!


Sarah said...

Mols you know I read your blog every day, I love it! And I love the dark choc pud (based on your recommendation). I can figure out all the tv shows except GG - all I can think of is Gilmore Girls and I don't think you are a fan. Could I still get 800 points?

Ally said...

I read your blog too - just haven't commented yet :) But I will just so I can play your acronym game: How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, The Office, 30 Rock, and Always Sunny in Philadelphia!!

Molls said...

YAY! Readers!

And 1,000 points are awarded to Ally! So far you are in the lead! Sar, I guess you can have 800 points. 99,000 more points until you win a prize!