Sunday, December 13, 2009

These are a few of my Favorite Things!

When I get together with my college roomies, one of the very first questions we inevitably ask each other is, "so have you tried any good products lately?"  It is our duty as girlfriends to share our secrets and best finds with one another.  Lately I have been very pleased with different beauty products I have been trying, and while not every product provides the same success to every person, it also may be just what someone was looking for.  Oprah isn't doing her favorite things this year, so in case you are looking for some inspiration, here are some of my favorite things (lately), the 2009 Edition.  These are the things I would recommend to my girlfriends, and now to you: 

Beauty Products 

1. Bobby Brown Long-wear gel eyeliner - the $21 tub looks small, but it lasts a long time.  It goes on beautifully and never smudges. 

2. Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara - similar to Kiss Me, this stuff comes off in "tubes" with a little water, but it is much more dramatic. $28 

3. Origins Skin Care Line - made with all natural ingredients and feels fantastic.  I use the Checks and Balances face wash, Modern Friction to remove dry, dead skin, and the ultra-rich Make a Difference face cream because my skin is crazy dry.   

4. Bare Minerals Moisturizing Mineral Veil Kit- This came with the softest brush I have ever felt and in the winter I need all the moisture I can get 


1. Flip Video Camera - The. easiest. to. use. device. ever.  Ultra-portable, simple to use, great picture quality, and overall great amateur video camera 

2. Blackberry - I am late to the game on this, but after two year with the worst phone on earth, my blackberry feels like it is too good to be true.   

3. DVR - I can no longer imagine life without it.  Because I can't imagine life without Glee, Lost, How I met your Mother, SNL, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Community, 30 Rock, Modern Family, and The Soup.   


Lilly's Chocolates - HUGE fan (literally fat fan) - I won the chocolate eating contest this year and I think I have tried every flavor they offer. 

Cleveland Yoga - everyone needs hot yoga in their life.  

Vine and Bean for Sunday brunch - cuz Lucky's is too crowded 

The North Union Farmer's Market - year round farmers market.  come over, we'll walk up

On the Rise Bakery the best sticky bun and coffee in town

C.L.E. Clothing - show some cleveland love

Anything from Room Service or Made in the 216 or Banyan Tree

Media / Websites: 

Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebowitz 

Cook's Illustrated - home cook's best friend.  get a subscription

Lady Gaga - instant dance party - super snark - good for budgeting, everyone needs that - good for tracking calories in/ calories out, if you are into that sort of thing - the funniest blog i know


Olive - adopt a pet in 2010 

Fage - the plain with fresh berries and honey, or the one that comes with cherry and tastes like cheese cake that is really good for you 

GT Kombucha - cuz it is crazy weird and good for you

This is not a thing, but a wonderful way to knot your scarf - Megan shared this with me and says it is European.  Whatever it is, I love it.  Megan helped me make a video to demonstrate the technique:

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