Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Holiday Season

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!  This weekend we put up some Christmas decorations including my little four foot tree.  Which Olive proceeded to climb, over and over again, and knock down, over and over again.  As annoying as it was, it was also the just about the cutest thing ever.

Tomorrow is our Holiday Party at work and I signed up to bring dessert for 24.  I wanted to make something simple that would keep well.  I had this treat at Jenny's bach party and it was so yummy and easy that I thought I would try it.  I used Christmas colors, but they can be modified for any occasion.  For example, I saw pink M&M's at the store for breast cancer and thought they would be cute for an upcoming baby shower.  

The nameless treat is just a snap pretzel with a Rolo on top, melted slightly in the oven (like 3-5 minutes at 300 degrees).  Then while the chocolate is malleable, press an M&M - pick your poison, I did regular and peanut - into the Rolo.   Then put them in the fridge to firm back up.  Done.  Enjoy.  Yum.

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Anne said...

Girlfriend - I am going to make these this week! They look *so easy* (and cute). I have two big parties I am hosting so I will keep you posted with updates! xoxo