Saturday, June 13, 2009

Winery Tour and Oglewood Fish Fry - Video

Last weekend, MarBear and D organized a trip for our friends to do some winery hopping in Geneva, Ohio. The weather couldn't have been better and if you squinted a little, you could almost pretend you were in Napa. Not bad for a short drive east. We hit up four wineries: Old Mill for lunch and sangria, South River for amazing vineyard views, St. Joseph for the Pinot Noir, and Grand River for a full tasting. Afterwards we headed to Gene-O's parents house for the First Annual Oglewood Fish Fry.

My favorite stop was South River. The tasting room is in a century-old church which was dismantled and moved 50 miles to sit atop the vineyard and offer full view of the sprawling vineyard. There is a pavilion where you can bring your own picnic and enjoy drinking wine among the vines. It was truly lovely and I am looking forward to going again.

I am still finishing up the editing on my first Flip video of our trip to DC. But here is my very first posted video of our trip to the wineries! Sorry that some is a little shaky, but I am pretty happy with the video quality (unfortunately, after posting, I realized this video quality does not come through. Also, not sure if you can view in a bigger window. I will work on improving this.) And iMovie is very simple to edit with. Credit for the music is "Ode to a Butterfly" by Nickel Creek. Enjoy!


Jenny Phillips said...

Molls...your video is A-MAZING! can you plan a trip to the wineries for our friends?? it looks like you guys had so much fun...i want to go!!!

Kate said...

Very cool! Nickel Creek was the perfect addition. I want to play with your computer now...

Next step: scripted reality(think "The Hills"). You are on your way to producing MTV masterpieces. And, I can only imagine how awkward the D.C. video will be after viewing this one. YIKES!

Molls said...

Jen - I will go to the wineries ANYTIME!

Kate - You are one of the stars of my DC video and I LOVE it so far. I will try to post soon

Beverly said...

Great video! Glad to see you had a great weekend!
We can drive you for your next visit to wine country. So many little time !
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