Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blood Type "O"?

Calling all “O” blood types! I have a friend with a beautiful wife and young daughter who need your help. Please read the e-mail below and consider changing this family’s life forever.

Dear friends and colleagues -

Matthew and I are writing today to make you aware of a problem we're facing, and to ask for your help. This is very hard for us - given that we're typically private people and try not to impose on others. Matthew is facing severe kidney failure. It has come to a point where he requires a kidney transplant - and the sooner the better given the fact that he's a type 1 diabetic. We're trying to avoid dialysis as long as possible since the process boosts one's immune system and increases the odds of rejecting a donor organ. However, the toxins in Matthew's body continue to build, he's facing severe back pain and fatigue, and his kidney function continues to decline.

We're reaching out today to ask your help in locating a potential donor. We're looking for possible kidney donors that are an "O" blood type, under the age of 70, with no known history of cancer, diabetes, or kidney problems.

Our friends have told us to ask as many people as possible for help and we're taking their advice. If possible, could you please forward this email to others in your life (friends, co-workers, church groups) to help us reach as many potential donors as possible? It's amazing to read stories about complete strangers willing to share life with someone; it's truly a selfless, altruistic gift.

For anyone willing to consider donating, we have five locations that are screening candidates, with additional sites in the works. All the hospitals have donor coordinators, so the candidate would simply call one of the numbers below, and mention that they're considering donating to Matthew Figgie (and have your blood type handy, because they'll ask!). The donor coordinator will ask a series of questions about the caller's blood type and medical history. After this cursory review, the hospital will determine if the potential donor should come in for some preliminary testing.

Thank you for your continued support, your good thoughts as we work through this process, and any help you can provide by passing this message along. We try to keep a positive approach, and our little Madeline (2 years old already!) helps us remember what's important in life.

Matthew, Betsy & Madeline Figgie

University Hospitals
Janie Morrison

Cleveland Clinic
Gloria Oster

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Angela Barber

The Ohio State University Medical Center
Bonnie Warrens and Leah Huhn
614-293-6724 (#4)

Johns Hopkins Transplant Center
Athelene Henry (410-614-6604) or Patricia Deberry (410-614-9345)

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TREE said...

I don't have type "O" but I just got an email that my work is doing a special blood drive for type "O".