Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ketchup / Catsup

I am light years behind on blogging and it is giving me anxiety. So I am just going to rip the band-aid off and start blogging again and pretend that it hasn't been over a month since my last post.

But what a month it has been. So many potential blog posts. Since I last wrote I have turned 26!, had a snuggie bar crawl birthday party to celebrate, bought myself an autoharp, watched the first 3 seasons of Weeds, baked two birthday cakes (one for me, one for G-Bone), finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, and had some craziness at work.

And now I am sitting in the waiting room while poor CC gets his wisdom teeth out. Last night we reminisced about some of my past oral surgeries. First there was the tongue surgery in eighth grade to remove a cyst from under my tongue. Next was the k-9 extractions. This was where they had to expose my k-9 teeth, stick a bracket on them, and then proceed to slowly pull them down with braces otherwise they never would have come in. And lastly, I had my wisdom teeth out. All of these were miserable!

And you know the one perk of surgery where some people lose like 10 pounds? Well that never happened to me. And I was never lucky enough to get mono. Come to think of it, with bathing suit season approaching, I could really use a good stomach flu or bout of salmonella.

Jokes! I love being healthy!

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Ally said...

Welcome back to blogland!

Uhm a snuggie bar crawl sounds AMAZING. Please tell me you have pictures!