Monday, December 1, 2008

Catching Up

I haven't posted in a week and I feel light years behind. What a week, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. So here's the recap...

Wednesday was spent marketing. I needed to get the goods for Thanksgiving at mom's and the Harvest party on Saturday. So I headed to Westside Market and Dean's Supply. Dean's Supply is a restaurant supply store and I got some sweet deals on wine glasses (99 cents each that were $5 each at Pottery Barn), beer glasses (79 cents each), forks, plastic plates, napkins, and some serving pieces. If I had some more storage room in my little apt I would have gotten a set of party plates (and I'm not talking the yellow ones that go on your car).
Thursday was an all day cooking extravaganza! I think Aunt Rita was a little scared to even enter the kitchen. My mother's not so large kitchen with minimal counter space was full of a mom, three daughters, Uncle Dick making Parker house rolls (or is it Porter?), and one very large golden retriever - my favorite visitor, Joey. Behold, my pride and joy:

Can you smell the citrus and garlic and the thyme! Aunt Jeannie said a Hail Mary to Grandma and behold, her pride and joy:

Good family, good food, good punch, an overall lovely Thanksgiving 2008.

On the ominous Black Friday (it sounds so scary), CC and checked out an apartment (for him, not us, just so everyone is clear), and we both got party clothes at my shopping heaven - Filene's Basement. Afterwards, I went home and began preparing for Saturday's party and then drove down to Columbus.

I haven't mentioned yet that my Grandmother passed away last Saturday. She had a cancerous tumor in her abdomen which I think caused the stroke on Wednesday and by Friday when I saw her she was sleeping soundly. But she waited until the whole family was with her on Saturday afternoon before she let go, very peacefully, and it seemed, without pain. Its bittersweet, but after 68 years of marriage, she was ready to go be with Grandpa. Saturday morning was a memorial service and luncheon and our family was back to the Church of the Messiah a lot sooner than we had anticipated. We shared a lot of memories and tears and needless to say both Bill and Mary left a tremendous impact on countless people.

Saturday afternoon I drove back to Cleveland where CC and I hosted our Harvest Party at Spaces Art Gallery. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures, but my brother did, so maybe I can get those up at some point. Bo and M provided the music and sound system which was amazing! And we had way way way too much food and only finished half the keg of Magic Hat #9 (mmm). The party was partially catered. Well, I shouldn't say that. I thought it was partially catered, but it was actually plenty of food and I am sad to say we had to throw a lot of it away at the end of the night. But I couldn't pass up making party food and I had lots of help from my friends and sisters. I made Smitten Kitchen's Pepita brittle, and will definitely be making this recipe again.

And Sunday, glorious Sunday, was spent eating copious amounts of cheese (obviously not tossed at the end of the party), watching Forgetting Sarah Marshell, and eating Sushi Rock take-out, a wonderful capstone to a very busy week.

And now it is time to start thinking about that next big holiday. When did it get to be December 1?

P.S. I have to mention a Meaningful Beauty update - I think I am allergic and have ceased using it. So much for my second foray in infomercial shopping. Has anyone tried the Power 90X work out dvd's? That may be my third attempt.


TKTC said...

I'm going to need that recipe for turky. Marinade? Brine? Anything combining citrus and garlic...

Also- Dean's and particularly Westside Market make me a bit jealous of Cleveland. A bit/kind've a lot.

Very sorry to hear about your grandmother though- is this the one who had apple trees? It's nice to think of husband and wife getting to be together again.

Molls said...

The turkey recipe is actually a modification from Ina Garten's roast chicken recipe (link below). The turkey is stuffed with lemons, oranges, garlic, and thyme. Then I used the advice on basting from Oprah's favorite things show and the turkey turned that beautiful brown and cooked perfectly (link below). This just proves I am a tv-addict.

This was not the grandmother with the apples, she is alive and well and lives nearby. This was my mother's parents and they were much older.