Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Vacation

I am writing from my parent's house, relaxing and enjoying my vacation - finally. Things got off to a very rough start.

On Saturday, CC, Red and I performed Act 1 of the Couch Shuffle. First a little back story: CC is moving into an apartment and he bought a beautiful cream colored couch from the Arhaus Loft Clearance Center. This is the same place I got my couch. They have sweet deals and I love it. If you live in the Cleveland area and need furniture, I highly recommend it. So Saturday morning, CC and I picked up the couch and headed over the apartment to move it - just me and him. We only got the couch out of the bed of the truck before I decided there was no way I was going to get far with this couch. So we recruited Ruby's BF Red to help (oh lucky him).

This couch is so crazy heavy that CC and Red had to take a break after about 50 feet of carrying it. So they get it to the door and it does not fit through. We tried EVERYTHING to get it through the entrance - every angle, we took the light fixture down to get more room, and we broke two panes of glass in the door. It was a MESS. Then we realize, not only is there no way we are getting this couch through the front door - there is NO WAY it is going to make it through the apartment door. Did I mention that you can't return things to the Clearance Center? So what now?

Couch shuffle. My couch is much lighter and is in two parts - two seats and an attached chez lounge. So our solution is move the crazy heavy/wide couch to my apt and the lighter/two piece couch to CC's. Red helped move the couch into my apt and on Sat night I had two couches in my itty one bedroom apt!

Sunday morning CC and I began Act 2: Move my couch to his place. This started out well enough. The chez piece we moved with no problem. We should have known it wouldn't be so easy. Piece 2 made it to the apt door, but would not make the turn to get into the apt. Our last desperate attempt to get a couch into this apt was to take the heavyass apt door off the hinges. We still had to shimmy, but by golly it worked - a Christmas miracle! Moving this couch is up there with tetanus shots on my list of things that don't seem bad at first but end up being the WORST IDEAS EVER.

By Monday I thought I was home free to enjoy my vacation. The weather had a different idea. It wasn't bad downtown, but I drove into a blizzard in Mentor. Route 2 was a mess and I was sliding all over the place. I got off at Heisley, heading southbound and the roads only got worse. I drive a rear wheel drive mustang and I went to slow down and ended up sliding to the other side of the street and hitting a guard rail - my first car accident! No worries, I'm fine. I was going about 10-15 mph, I don't even think my seat belt locked. But I managed to do a whopping $1600 worth of damage! The cop was "nice" enough not to cite me for failure to control my vehicle, puke. Snow tires for Christmas - YES please!
My poor little stang:

Add into the mix of all this a few hours of work, cleaning my apt, a dentist apt, laundry, and an eye apt, the last few days have not been fun. I know what Ruby's mom tell me to do, "call the waambulance". Sorry, I had to vent. Moving on - its Christmas Eve. On today's to-do list - relax! And make peanut brittle - yum yum yum!

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Hannah Harbert said...

Molls, this was not your first car accident. I seem to recall you rear ending someone with me in the passenger seat, in this very car! No damages though so maybe that one doesn't count.