Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cheering Up February

If the display at Heinen's is any indication, we are in the peak of citrus season. I would have let it pass me by and just picked up my usual 5 navel oranges, but there was so much orange filling the shelves that I had to take a minute to look around. There were signs up with a description of each fruit's flavor and venturing out of my comfort zone I picked up 3 Cara Cara navel oranges (only 1 made it long enough to be in the pic below), 4 blood oranges, 3 honey tangerines, and meyer lemons. Sometimes you just have to indulge in citrus.

Speaking of indulgences, I got two fun presents in the mail yesterday. The first was a giant box from Zappos with these Sorel boots. They were on sale and considering how HAPPY I am in Cleveland, I know they will get plenty of use around here. I had been on this quest for rubber wellie boots and even ordered these Hunters, but they didn't fit my "athletic" calves. These Sorel boots are much more flexible and still water-proof, so no rubber for me. Just in time for another winter storm warning.

My second present was the first issue of my subscription to Gastronomica. My aunt and uncle gave me some money for Christmas and I decided to use it to subscribe to this beautiful magazine. I had kind of forgot about it and then I found this lovely in my mailbox.

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