Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I'm Eating This Week

I had quite the food-filled weekend - which is definitely my favorite kind of weekend.

Friday night, Ruby, Red, CC and I went on a total double date. We started with dinner at the Greenhouse Tavern and I cannot say enough good things about this restaurant. Oh wait - I have to mention that about 5 seconds into this double date, I tripped on my pointy shoes and long pants and fell flat on my face. I am seriously bruised, ego and all. Anyways, we got there early, around 5:30 or so and it was already filling up, so we were sat in the basement. The basement is similar decor to the bar at Bar Cento, but I kept thinking it reminded me of something else.... I realized that something was the hatch from Lost! which sounds weird, but it really really works. Unfortunately my dinner-mates do not watch Lost, so if you do and if you go to this restaurant, please let me know if you feel the same.

The kitchen is in the basement and is very open, so we got to watch Chef Sawyer calling our food order, so cool. The reason I am such a huge fan of Bar Cento (Chef Sawyer's previous project) is that you can get a great meal, drinks included, in an amazing atmosphere for a ridiculously low price. Well Greenhouse is the same way. We got drinks, apps, entrees, and dessert for under $20 a person on E. 4th Street - it is just unheard of.

And the food... Oh my gosh we were raving. We started with breakfast radishes with butter and salt. This might sound strange, but Ruby and I both purchased radishes on Sat to recreate this simple and delicious starter. We also started with the red wine braised olives which are served warm and are making my mouth water just thinking about them. For dinner, CC and Red both got the burger (typical dudes) which comes with the fries very similar to Bar Cento's (aka awesome and infused with rosemary). Ruby and I both got the chevre salad whose combination of mint and cilantro made this the freshest tasting salad. And for my favorite course, dessert, the boys both got the chocolate pot de creme and Ruby and I split the apple tart. I am not doing this meal justice, please go check out this restaurant for yourself, and let me know when you go because I would love to join you. Did I mention it is certified green?

After dinner we headed to the State Theater to see my favorite musician, Ray LaMontagne. He is so amazing live. He doesn't say much on stage (literally all he says is hello, introduces the band, and thank you), but his voice is unbelievable. Such a perfect evening (minus the face plant).

Saturday morning, we headed over to the Westside Market. I mentioned the radishes already, but I also got a flank steak to make this recipe and a bunch of grapes that I want to pickle like Smitten Kitchen. Sat evening, Skids and Verno came down to hang and go bowling at Corner Alley. We made individual pita pitas with chicken sausage, banana peppers, and basil.

Sunday, CC and I went to Siam Cafe on the near eastside. They offer a chinese, vietnamese, and thai menu. CC went chinese with General Tso's chicken (snooze), and I went vietnamese with a hot and sour soup to start and beef vermicelli. I also tried the ginger tea which was like drinking warm Vernors, in a good way. Overall, I was very pleased and I think CC was unimpressed, but he wasn't really feeling adventurous anyways. The restaurant was filled with families and birthday parties, which is the perfect Sunday afternoon kinda place.

Blog News: I have decided I want to start writing a weekly segment in my blog called "What I'm Eating this Week". I tend to get really into one food for about a week or so, eat a ton of it, get sick of it and then move on to something else. Two weeks ago it was the Elvis Chill smoothie from Liquid Planet (banana peanut butter and honey heaven), last week it was no sugar added fudgsicles (only 40 calories each!), and this week it is.... cottage cheese or vanilla yogurt (I alternate) with blackberries or blueberries (superfoods). It is my new favorite way to start the day!

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