Friday, February 6, 2009

Green Post

I have to admit this post is recycled from Facebook. If you are on Facebook I'm sure you have seen the notes with 25 random things about yourself. Well here is my submission, I'm sorry I don't have time for a more thoughtful post.

1. I have had surgery on my tongue

2. I love non-dairy creamer and prefer it over regular cream in coffee

3. But I love cream in my tea

4. I love to peel things, especially people peeling after a sun burn. I know it is gross, but it brings me a creepy sense of joy

5. At points in my life I have memorized the Gettysburg Address, the Periodic Table of Elements, all the state capitals, and numerous other things. I have a terrible memory and have since forgotten the majority of each

6. I love maps and could study them all day if given the opportunity. Side note - Does anyone know how I can turn this into a career?

7. I worked in the Kroger produce department for one day in college. The smell of the trash room made me ill and I never went back. I was hoping to become a cashier and to this day would love to work as a cashier in a grocery store.

8. I would also like to try being a waitress at a fancy restaurant where I love the food and the menu changes with the seasons (like Crop). And I would love to go to culinary school if chef’s work hours weren’t so terrible. (this was a two-fer)

9. I have some interesting relatives including a child prodigy, a nun, and an ultra-marathon runner.

10. I have run (very slowly) two half marathons and a full marathon. I would like to try doing a triathlon someday (no day soon)

11. I am a sucker from new products and infomercials. If you recommend something I will try it.

12. I got a tetanus shot last year and it turned out to be one of the worst experiences of my life. I still haven’t figured out what went wrong, but I couldn’t lift my arm for a few weeks and the pain kept me awake at night.

13. Popcorn is probably my favorite food. I also love bread with oil dip and I love Nutella, but try to not to eat these too much.

14. One summer I spent six weeks canoeing 1,100 miles through Canada. I think this proves I am capable of being outdoorsy, however I have not actually gone camping since.

15. I went on a missions trip for a week every summer in high school and became an accomplished roofer

16. I took piano lessons for 10 years and learning to play the violin/fiddle is on my list of things to do in life. I would also like to learn to play the accordion.

17. I have a very itchy face and don’t realize when I make funny faces to get rid of the itch, but I think I do it a lot

18. I think my skin would completely crack and fall off and I would be left skinless if I didn’t apply lotion to my entire body every time I get out of the shower.

19. I went on the Sound of Music tour in Austria, the hills are alive!

20. I was born in Vicenza, Italy and lived there until I was 2

21. I am a pisces as are a lot of my friends and I don’t think this is a coincidence. When I told my Dad that I thought there was meaning in astrology he told me he was “very disappointed”

22. I got caught shoplifting from Kohl’s in high school and was justly punished. I have not stolen anything since and I’m not sure why I did it in the first place. Its feels good to get this out in the open and stop hiding my shame

23. I really enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, the Jumble, crosswords, Sudoku, and logic puzzles. Also murder mysteries, scavenger hunts, Road Ralleys, and solving mysteries in general. Actually I pretty much enjoy all games

24. I don’t enjoy really hot water. In turn I don’t enjoy hot tubs or whirlpools. But I would like to call the number on one of those signs on the side of road selling hot tubs just to see who is selling hot tubs via hand written signs. I mean they must make money or you wouldn’t see them EVERYWHERE, right? It must be a pyramid scheme. No - a Ponzi scheme

25. I still sleep with my blankie

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Aileen said...

This is the best "25 list" I've seen!! First of all, I share a sick obsession with peeling people. Second, I've had surgery on my tongue too!!! Well, stitches, does that count?! I wish I could say I've done some of the others... you've had some fabulous experiences!!