Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dahlia Dahling

On my flight to Florida I read the latest issue of Vogue cover to cover and have become completely brainwashed by everything it had to offer. Article on Dolce & Gabanna's new make-up line and I now daydream about applying lipstick. Red lipstick in a gold tube that smells like roses, Dahlia! Article on Isaac Mizrahi's Spring line for Liz Claiborne and I daydream about wearing high-waisted pants and a lime green jacket. Article on Blake Lively and I now daydream about being one of Manahattan's elite. Brainwashed I tell you. I look terrible in lipstick.

Speaking of fashion, what did everyone thing about Michelle Obama's fashion choices at the Inauguration? Am I day late on this? Is she America's newest fashion icon? I sure hope so. I can't get enough of the coverage on it and adored both the lemongrass ensemble and that gorgeous ivory one-shoulder dress. However, I hope all this press for J.Crew doesn't make for even higher prices. Who is your fashion icon?

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TKTC said...

I do love Michelle Obama and I don't THING J. Crew would raise prices with her in mind- after all, they were lauded as the "affordable" alternative to Palin's ensembles.

Per fashion icons I'm drawing a bit of a blank but if I were going to go with the obvious, I really do tend to love the spreads that Lucky puts together!