Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pimm's O'Clock

If it's summer in London you are probably drinking a Pimm's. I'm not sure how this has not found greater popularity here in the states cuz this is one seriously awesome - no wicked -summer cocktail. This commercial played a lot while we there and it gives the recipe for the perfect Pimm's:

To recap - Pimm's, a jug, ice, lemonade (what we call sprite or 7-up), cucumber, orange, strawberry, and mint. About one part Pimm's to three parts lemonade. Combine and enjoy.

We instituted a daily ritual of Pimm's O'Clock on our trip, or what we refer to as happy hour here in America. I was only able to bring home one bottle, but I think you may be able to buy it over here. I haven't been to a liquor store yet, so let me know if you find it.

Em and a jug of Pimm's

Our first Pimm's O'Clock was on our impromptu pub crawl through London. We hit up English pubs (of course), an Australian bar, and a very weak Canadian bar and we even met a prince!


Anne said...

I am making this cocktail to share with our roommmates this coming weekend! I will report back to you with the verdict! I love this commercial.

Ellen said...

testing Hi Molls, Aunt El