Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Feast Menu for the Fourth

I spent the holiday weekend in Indy with my college roommates. Miss Marti (previously referred to as Monk) has a gorgeous condo built in a converted church that housed two from Cleveland, two from Columbus, two from Cinci, one from Nashville, one from Louisville, and two cuddly lap dogs for the weekend. Our roommie reunions are always filled with laughter, dance parties, baked goods, lounging and over eating - just like college!

Friday night we planned a birthday party for Rachie with some of her favorite foods. Thanks to Ness for great planning and for Snickerdoodle for sending a menu recap. Here we go, we had: puppy chow, Martha's sugar cookies (and I don't mean Stewart), quinoa salad, labor intensive salt and vinegar potatoes (which made even better second day hash browns), mango guacamole with scoops and hint of lime chips, cheese fondue with bread, broccoli, and cauliflower for dipping, strawberry citrus salad, watermelon, Asian marinated grilled flank steak, and grilled corn on the cob. The cocktail of the weekend was Miss Marti's concoction of Absolute Pear Vodka with a splash of cranberry. I would normally never think to buy pear vodka, but this drink was the perfect summer fare pairing.

After dinner we convinced Rachie to go to the movie store, although she knew something was in the works. While she was gone, we decorated the condo and assembled quite possibly the best and easiest birthday cake ever - a krispy kreme pyramid!! Complete with sparkler on top. Happy Birthday Rachie and America!

We had grand plans for Saturday's Holiday Festivities, but the Indy weather was rainy and gray. So instead, we lounged, played wii, drank a ton of PBR, and of course ate way more than we needed to. The theme of our reunions is always something like this, "I am so full...(rub belly or lay on floor), why am I still eating?? (grab cookie)" What a great weekend, I love these girls!

In house news, my offer was accepted by the seller! Monday evening I had an inspection done and I signed the loan application last night. So if all the loan stuff comes through I will be a home owner by the end of this month!! This has all happened really quickly and I am nervous to become such a grown up, but very excited to live in this beautiful home!